• I Can Finish Well, a transformational journey of mind, body, and spirit.

​Why should I take this course?

You do not have another body hanging out in the closet to put on after this one wears out. This is a personal journey for each and everyone of us.

We cannot have a do over each day of our lives. The Word of God Says that God made us in his own image. Did you know that God made you. You truly are a miracle. Yes I said a miracle.A miracle means an act of God. This life is such a precious gift for each and everyone of us. I want you to live it to the full. If we know how to manage our health in a simple, balance and victorious way starting with a baseline and moving forward, there just is not stopping where we can take this and what you can do with your life. You are a new creature in Christ Jesus. Begin with the end in mind. What do you want to look at and feel like when this life is over. Think about that and work backwards. Settle this battle of over your health biblically.

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What will it do for me? 

Right out of the gate in the first chapter you are going to get a new vision and understanding of who you are that has changed so many lives. I do not take the credit. This program is straight from Heaven. Each week when I was developing this program I would go up into my office on a Tuesday and God would give me the information and help me put it into works. Then my dear friend Sandy made it look pretty and I would deliver the message that Thursday. I have taught this class since 2003 in many formats now it is available digitally all over the world. No limits. I am excited to hear what God Does in your life through this program that He inspired me to write.

You know you will take care of yourself if you heart tells you to. But there has to be a real reason. A driving reason and then balance on what really makes sense. This will enable you to have a real drive and understanding of what it takes to take care of yourself and see yourself they way God sees you. Remember “1 John 3:21 says if our hearts don’t condemn us we can remain confident before God” The is so much condemnation around health and well being but we settle it all.says if our hearts don’t condemn us we can remain confident before God” The is so much condemnation around health and well being but we settle it all.

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What will I get out of it? 

Over the last two plus decades I haven’t met someone I couldn’t teach how to train and take care of themselves.

This is truly an intimate space for each an everyone of us and it doesn’t

have to be difficult. There are a lot of confusion and difficult strategies

that are out there about this subject. I challenge them and give strategies that are not only maintainable but give the knowledge of why our actions affect our emotions and the good old “Want to” for exercise and eating well. It truly is a heart condition and there has to be more of a reason than I want to lose 20 pounds. It goes way deeper.

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Why now? 

Because discipline is only hard for a little while, but regret is hard for a lifetime. After the death of my husband, seeing how precious this life is, I don't want any of us to waist one more day but to live it to the full. To be honest the Lord has really pressed upon me to train like a Champion Athlete in these times to help endure What God has for my future. I know I am not the only one. Now is always the time to take care of the Temple of The Holy Spirit. You truly are a miracle.

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​About Your Instructor

Tracy Boone

Back in 1992 I started what I thought was my dream job working in a new gym coming to Colorado. As part of my job at the gym I was to design and teach workouts to every member that wanted one. We did over 1500 workouts a day and I did that for two decades plus. One day I was training a woman on a back extension and I heard “Take Care of That I Made That”. I am going to be honest I was someone who always felt close to God so something like this wasn’t completely unusual but, this definitely stopped me in my tracks and changed my vision of how I saw people and what they were experiencing. Day by day I saw client after client walk in the door completely defeated over the shape they were in and what they thought about who they were. Eventually, I had to do something about it. This is the program. God inspired, in 2003 I took a leap as part of my internship under Dr. Larry Curry, my mentor who wrote the forward to this program. 9 women were in the program – not that this is just for women but for that first group it was. I have trained every race, age, height, weight, you can imagine. So if working with someone who has decades of experience of changing the perspectives and belief systems and then applying wisdom on how to take care of the body for the long hall is something you want settled once and for all, then this is the program that is for you and I am excited what we can do to change your life for the better.

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